Thursday, October 6, 2011

2010 Portfolio

My Project is about diversity. Diversity is an issue that many of us are untouched by until it directly affects our own lives.  Each spray paint bottle is a color of the rainbow which is probably the biggest symbol of diversity in the imagine each of you is wearing a brooch.  The brooch you wear is a symbol of yourself. The purpose of the bottles are to tag others empty brooches. When someone’s brooch becomes tagged they have been touched by diversity. For instance you find out that your sister is gayyour brooch is tagged but you may not even notice. Later you see two girls holding hands and it makes you think of your sister.  You wonder if they are gay.  Then you realize that you have been tagged. Your life is now affected by diversity.
The bottles are all held in the base labeled no hate. The idea of this piece is to bring awareness of different life styles, choices, religions, differences, etc.